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“My wife was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How can I be sure I’m doing everything I can for her?”

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“Dad’s health is failing and he needs a lot of help at home. How can I identify the best resources for care?"

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“What will happen when I’m no longer able to care for myself? I want to make sure I can stay at home as long as possible.”

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“My mother-in-law is 95 and insists on living at home. How can I honor her wishes and minimize my worries?”

LifeCare Advocates, LLC, New England’s leading life care planning and advocacy firm, offers families proactive new way to respond to the challenges of longevity, chronic illness and disability. Our concierge-level guidance, education and support empower families to advocate for every aspect of their loved ones’ well-being.

Transform The Long-Term Care Journey


Better Quality of Life

A diagnosis no longer has to mean the end of life as you know it. Find out how LifeCare Advocates, LLC  can help.


Fewer Sacrifices

A Life Care Plan pays for itself many times over in cost savings, peace of mind and attention to total well-being.


Experience Where It Counts

LifeCare Advocates, LLC has the right knowledge and connections to help you navigate your loved one’s long-term care journey.

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Trusted Advisors

Complete your circle of trusted advisors with New England’s foremost care advocacy and life care planning authority.

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